FREE Celiac-Friendly Family Cookie Decorating Activity!

Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Intensive Education Academy auditorium
840 N. Main St. 

         West Hartford, CT 06117     


Join us for a morning of cookie decorating and fun! The kids will decorate cookies while parents connect and share stories, tips, and laughs. This activity is free and 100% celiac safe, with cookies provided by The Celiac Epicurean. 

To register, email Abby at with your name, ages/names of your kids, town, and total number of people attending. 

*Registration is required for this event!



The Intensive Education Academy’s mission is to help each student reach their full potential, through a nurturing and individualized learning environment. They provide programs for students diagnosed with: Autism, Developmental Delay, Dyslexia, Mild Emotional Disturbance, Intellectual Disability, Specific Learning Disability, Visual or Hearing Impairment, Orthopedic Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Disabilities, and/or OHI-ADD/ADHD. Students are encouraged as unique individuals to accept and to value themselves in an academic environment that will motivate, challenge and satisfy each student. Through assessment and development of individualized education programs, students are encouraged to develop their inherent potential in order to prepare for their future. IEA stimulates enthusiasm for learning in a supportive and positive atmosphere.