El Pollo Guapo in Wethersfield bills itself as a “neighborhood rotisserie joint serving whole roasted chickens, fresh sides, tacos and salads,” and that’s no lie. But behind the fast-food style service and informal dining area is food that is far from fast and oozing with depth and flavor. From salads to rice bowls to tacos, quesadillas and tapas, these guys really know what they’re doing, and they have tons of GF options to boot. Our “Spent” salad bowl(right) had roasted brussel sprouts, roasted chickpeas, red peppers, grilled corn, pickled onion, guac, and more. The Arroz con Pollo rice bowl (below) even has fried plantains from their dedicated GF fryer. The entire menu can be made gluten free, and they make the most delicious celiac-safe tortilla chips we’ve ever had. And that’s the truth. Not in the mood for chicken? They can replace any protein with roasted chickpeas, mushrooms, or anything you choose. If you’re celiac, just tell them before you order, and they’ll track your meal to ensure that it’s safe. They are not a dedicated GF facility, but they have many happy celiac customers! (They cater, too!)

We visited at lunchtime, and the place was hopping. From business people in suits to construction workers on break, food was constantly being ordered, eaten and picked up. And we now know why. This place is one of those little secrets that’s not so secret. And we’re excited to share it!         *El Pollo Guapo is not a dedicated GF facility. Always use your own judgement when eating out.

El Pollo Guapo