Gluten-Free Connecticut is all about Connecticut. In fact, when we have to step outside the state, we often wish we were back home, where all our favorite gluten-free grub is. However, when we stumbled upon One Dish Cuisine in Ellicott City, Maryland earlier this month, we knew it was too good to keep to ourselves. One Dish Cuisine describes itself as “Maryland’s and the United States’ only certified 100% gluten-free, allergen-friendly and vegan-friendly café, deli and bakery, certified GF to 5ppm by the Celiac Support Association.”  Owner Maureen Burke operates two different cooking lines, both with dedicated equipment. One line contains milk products, and the other contains no milk, dairy, lactose, or whey products. Her color coding system ensures no cross-contamination. The entire facility is free of wheat, rye, barley, oats, soy, egg, shell fish, sesame, peanut, and tree nuts. A limited number of products do contain coconut, but they are very clearly marked. There’s a full service restaurant, deli and bakery, as well as prepared foods and desserts to take home. Birthday cakes, cupcakes, breads, cookies, hamburgers, pasta dishes; they make it all, and safely. They even make a mock rye bread. There doesn’t seem to be much that Maureen hasn’t made or won’t try to make allergen free. Celiac and allergic to dairy herself, she genuinely wants all those with food allergies to enjoy a relaxed, safe and delicious meal. People come from hours away to stock up on her goodies, and being located 3 miles off of I-95 makes it very convenient. So, the next time you’re traveling to or through Maryland, you gotta stop for lunch at One Dish Cuisine, and tell Maureen we sent you.  She is a delight, and very knowledgable about allergy-friendly dining!

One Dish Cuisine

8001 Hillsborough Rd.

Elliott City, MD 21043


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  1. Great article! Maureen’s name is spreading!

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