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Abby Helman Kelly

Gluten Free Connecticut:

I moved to Connecticut as a newlywed in 1999.  Twelve years and four kids later, in a desperate attempt to combat severe eczema without the use of steroids, I grudgingly avoided gluten for 2 weeks. It worked. My skin began to clear, I felt much less bloated, but I was devastated. An avid baker and purveyor of fine desserts, a lifetime without wheat felt more like a life sentence. Ever hear the saying, “Life is short, eat lemon sorbet first?”  Regardless, my skin was continuing to improve, and I felt so much better. I’ve always loved a challenge, and at that point, I knew that I had to take on this one.

Gluten Free Connecticut and Loving It!

I’ve been gluten free for four years now, and have never felt better. I’m now fully committed to a healthy gluten-free lifestyle, and forever on the search for restaurants where I can eat the bread that’s brought to the table.

With my youngest kids finally in school full-time, I am excited to share my passion for healthy gluten-free living, and provide a much-needed resource for anyone affected by all types of gluten sensitivity, directly or indirectly, right here in Connecticut.

It’s my hope that this site helps to connect gluten-free folks with the state’s ever-growing array of gluten-friendly restaurants, bakeries and businesses that are working hard to accommodate them. I’m also hoping that the site’s informative food and lifestyle articles written by local experts offer balanced and thought-provoking perspectives on diet, health and well-being.  And, if you laugh a little along the way, I’ll be 100% satisfied.  So, as your gluten-free partner on this journey, let’s eat!

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